TempSure ENVI – Skin tightening

TempSure Radiofrequency treatment is suitable for anyone concerned with firming the skin and refining the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. TempSure RF Skin Rejuvination Treatments can be used as a preventative treatment for skin that is starting to show the signs of aging. Heat is generated during treatment, which immediately tightens the skin. New collagen production is stimulated by heating the dermis. TempSure RF Skin Rejuvenation treatment improves blood and the lymphatic flow.

Full Face


Full Face+ Neck


Body / Abdomen


Neck / Eyes / Jawline / Upper Arm


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The TempSure Vitalia probe is specifically designed for women’s smaller, hard to reach areas. It’s an easy treatment to maintain their wellness without hormones, invasive procedures or downtime, safe, consistent and reliable RF treatments, to increase local circulation, decrease pain and muscle spasms. One life time headpiece applied per treatment.

Tempsure VITALIA